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Why You Should Not Attend a Botox Party

Have you ever been asked to attend a party that was hosted by BOTOX? Party for injecting facial filler in the form of a cocktail? At the home of a friend or in a beauty parlor? Do you feel guilty about turning down the invitation? Have FOMO? Don’t feel awful! There is a plethora of compelling evidence to support one’s decision to skip the event.

Unsafe Environment for Injectables

In the first place, getting injections of BOTOX® or dermal filler or having any kind of medical procedure done in someone’s house or in a location that is not a medical facility is both unhygienic and dangerous. Injectables are considered to be medical operations, despite the fact that the procedures are referred to as “cosmetic.” Complications are possible during injectable procedures. What happens if it turns out that you are the one who has a problem? Who do you call? Where do you go?

Dr. Galope said that she sees patients almost every week who have had poor outcomes from an injection done at a BOTOX party or resort by unqualified injectors. “I see patients almost every week who have had poor results from an injection,” “Most of the time, we have to find a solution to the issues, which results in increased financial and emotional burden for the patient.”

Non-Certified People Administering Botox

A warning over a BOTOX party was issued by a board-certified dermatologist named Dr. Joshua Zeichner, and Dr. Galope agrees with his assessment. He cautions that “if [the injection] is not delivered appropriately, you may end up feeling quite frustrated with the results.” “Unfortunately, the treatment can only be reversed by waiting for its effects to wear off,” said the doctor. “There is no antidote.” (This statement is made in an article titled “Injection Parties Are Happening All Over the Country… But do you think they’re a good idea? (SpotLyte, Allergan, Dec. 2018).

Only our board-certified, highly experienced, and very talented dermatologists are allowed to conduct injections here at our premium medical and cosmetic center. Before administering Botox and the suitable facial filler, Dr. Galope will talk with the patient, collect the patient’s medical history, and perform a skin analysis. Our facility does not make use of nurses or physician assistants in any capacity. 

When an experienced dermatologist with board certification administers the injections, you can rest assured that the outcomes will be maximized while the hazards will be reduced. (You should learn more about the education and credentials of dermatologists, as well as the reasons why you should choose them for cosmetic and medical procedures that enhance the appearance of your face.)

Low to Standard Quality Botox

Second, the price of the BOTOX or the fillers that you get at one of these events may be far lower than the price that you spend in a dermatologist’s office. “You get what you pay for!” is a proverb that has been around for a long time. If the deals on Botox and filler sound too good to be true and are extremely low-priced, it is either because the products are counterfeit, stolen, or otherwise unlawful, or because they have been diluted. It is not entirely obvious whether or not they are genuine articles. They might contain dangerous substances or be counterfeit. Injections of foreign chemicals into the skin can result in the development of persistent granulomas, which are notoriously challenging to treat. Be wary of who you buy BOTOX from at a party!

At Bergen County Botox, you will never have to worry about not getting your BOTOX® Cosmetic or one of our face fillers because we always get them directly from the manufacturer.

Seeing is believing…

Check out the before and after pictures of some of our patients who have had BOTOX Cosmetic or Fillers.

If you have any inquiries regarding skin care, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Bergen County Botox.


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