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What Makes the “Barbie Botox” Special?

The world of cosmetic procedures is constantly changing, and the most recent trend to take over social media, particularly TikTok, is none other than “Barbie Botox.” Just in time for the release of the Barbie movie, this stylish technique has quickly gained popularity among aestheticians. Also referred to as Trap Tox, “Barbie Botox” seeks to reduce excessive muscular growth in the trapezius muscles, which are found in the upper back. Social media platforms have seen a considerable increase in discussion about the operation; on TikTok, the hashtags #Traptox and #Barbiebotox have amassed millions of views. 

Its Nature

Mariam Awada, MD, a plastic surgeon in Southfield, Michigan, claims that “Barbie Botox” uses neurotoxins such as Botox Cosmetic, Dysport, Jeauveau, Xeomin, or DAXXIFY off-label to calm hyperactive and constricted spasms in the upper trapezius muscle. “The phrase ‘Barbie Botox’ was created because the neck lengthens and the shoulders relax, giving the upper body a slimmer appearance. However, as the goal is to cure an underlying spastic trapezius muscle, the name “Barbie” is misleading. According to her, a lot of people have tight shoulders as a result of computer use and other activities that require longer periods of stress in the neck and shoulders. 

According to Austin, Texas, plastic surgeon Johnny Franco, MD, “Barbie Botox has recently taken over TikTok, spreading like wildfire and gaining popularity among people who aspire to achieve a slim, elongated neck appearance like the iconic Barbie figure.”

Exercise and stretching, as well as better posture and a change in routine, are the initial lines of treatment. In the event that none of these approaches work, people frequently use FDA-approved neuromodulator therapies to manage their spasticity. “Barbie Botox” is an excellent option, according to Dr. Awada, for patients who do not experience discomfort but would want to have their shoulders and neck relax more. This will help to soften the trapezius spasm.  

Aesthetic of Barbie

Simona V. Pautler, MD, a plastic surgeon in McMurray, Pennsylvania, explains how the procedure works. The injection momentarily weakens the muscle and allows for less contraction, extending and relaxing it as a result. The neck appears thinner and longer as a result of the deeper angle between the neck and shoulder, which also gives the overall appearance of being more feminine and delicate, according to the expert. Barbie dolls, which are the reverse of teenage mutant ninja turtle figurines, have a neck and shoulder angle that is roughly 90 degrees.

How Long Does It Take Effect

The results of “Barbie Botox” are transient, lasting three to four months, and maintenance is necessary to maintain the intended looks. Regular injections cause muscles to atrophy since they are not used, which may lower the amount of neuromodulator required for subsequent treatments. Dr. Paulter makes clear that the process is entirely reversible, enabling the muscle to restore its initial mass with continued use if desired. It requires maintenance like all neuromodulators and lasts for about three to four months. Dr. Pautler continues, “If the injections are continued on a regular basis, the muscle will gradually atrophy from lack of use and the amount of neuromodulator may be reduced while maintaining the same result. 

Individuals thinking about “Barbie Botox” should speak with a board-certified aesthetic doctor to go over their specific objectives and any possible dangers involved with the operation, as is the case with any cosmetic procedure—especially one that is currently popular. While it provides an original answer for individuals looking for a more refined appearance, it’s crucial to ensure that your expert injector is qualified and that you are a good candidate for the treatment.


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