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Is It Worth Doing a DIY Facelift?

The notion that a “facelift” can be accomplished in the comfort of one’s own home using a combination of different cosmetics and medical tools has generated a lot of buzz in the fields of cosmetics and skin care. But are they effective? 

Over-the-counter skin care products and skin tightening devices can never penetrate deeply enough into the skin to replicate the results of a real facelift, according to Dr. Galope, a board-certified dermatologist. 

Dr. Galope advises her patients that despite the fact that it is a great promotion, over-the-counter skin care products, and skin tightening devices can never achieve this. Talk to a plastic surgeon about getting a facelift if you feel like you are ready for the procedure and think you could benefit from it.

There are, however, a number of successful non-surgical cosmetic operations that may be performed to lift, tighten, and rejuvenate the appearance of your face in the event that you are not prepared to undertake a surgical procedure or do not wish to do so. The following are some of the facial rejuvenation procedures that Dr. Galope advises to her patients who wish to address their facial aging as well as other concerns:

To improve the appearance of your face without resorting to surgery, advanced facial fillers are wonderful solutions to consider. Facial fillers can temporarily solve your issues and give you a more youthful appearance if you want to increase the volume of your face, smooth out facial wrinkles, folds, and laugh lines, augment your cheeks and lips, or any combination of these things.

During your consultation with Dr. Galope, he will talk with you about your aesthetic goals and suggest the dermal filler that is best suited to meet your needs. If you are interested in any of the fillers that have been approved by the FDA, including but not limited to:

Make an appointment with Dr. Galope for your consultation. Only Dr. Galope will administer your injections when you visit Bergen County Botox, so you may have complete confidence in the results.

Resurfacing the Skin With Laser Treatment & Other Light Therapies

In order to treat issues related to skin damage and anti-aging, Dr. Galope provides a wide selection of laser and light source technologies that are both safe and effective.

The use of these medical devices, which have been licensed by the FDA, can help treat a wide variety of medical skin disorders while also renewing and refreshing your skin. These devices involve various wavelengths of light and a dual wavelength laser.

The following are examples of the laser and light technologies that are available from Bergen County Botox:

During your consultation with Dr. Galope, he will provide her recommendation for the treatment approach that will be most effective in meeting your aesthetic objectives.


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