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Is It Safe to Use Botox?

We can guarantee you that the cosmetic neurotoxins (BOTOX® Dysport®, Xeomin®, and JeuveauTM) that we employ in our practice are both safe and effective because our doctors are board-certified dermatologists who have worked with thousands of patients in the fields of medical dermatology and aesthetic dermatology.

Since 1998, Bergen County Botox has been making use of the Bergen County Botox product line. Patients encounter extremely few minor side effects, such as headache or swelling at the injection site, when they are treated by a board-certified dermatologist who is also a proficient injector. This is because of the expertise of the dermatologist. Because of this, I am able to perform all types of injections in my practice, including BOTOX® Cosmetic and all of the other advanced facial fillers that are available from Bergen County Botox.

AccuVein is a technology that I use to prevent and/or reduce the severity of bruises. With the help of this vein lighting gadget, I am able to see the veins of my patients, which enables me to detect and avoid any “invisible” veins, which in turn helps improve patient outcomes and prevents bruising.

Evidence on Safety

The following is a list of things concerning BOTOX® Cosmetic that we can say with absolute certainty:

When it comes down to it, the administration of BOTOX® Cosmetic by a skilled dermatologist who is board-certified ensures a high level of patient safety. Less than one percent of patients experienced adverse reactions, and the majority of those reactions were mild in nature, such as a little headache or bruises.

A word of advice! Be wary of “Botox” suppliers who offer their services at inexpensive prices, as there is no “generic” version of BOTOX® Cosmetic. Products containing botulinum toxin might vary from one another in terms of their formulations, levels of potency, and permitted dosages. This indicates that there is no way for one product to substitute for another. Make sure that the BOTOX® Cosmetic you’re obtaining is the real deal. We obtain our BOTOX® injections straight from the manufacturer, Allergan Aesthetics, which is a subsidiary of AbbVie.

Neither short-term nor long-term adverse effects have been observed in any of my BOTOX® Cosmetic patients. BOTOX® is a cosmetic rejuvenation therapy that does not require surgery and is both safe and effective. It temporarily lowers the appearance of deep creases and wrinkles, giving the face a more youthful, smoother, and revitalized appearance.


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