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A Surgeon’s Secrets: Budget-Friendly Cheek Slimming Procedures

t doesn’t have to be expensive or frightening to add a little youthfulness to the face. We have a wonderful option to give your face a slight contour that will accentuate your naturally outstanding features whether you’re new to cosmetic dermatology (or just like to keep things simple). The trick? This is Botox®.

Why use Botox to slim your cheeks?

The masseter muscles (or the jawline and lower cheekbones) can be reshaped without undergoing surgery by using Botox or Dysport for cheek slimming.

The appeal of cheek slimming can be felt by people of any age, which is something that is universal. Removing a “baby face” and emphasizing prominent cheekbones may be appealing to younger people. Redefining and reshaping the face, which might change over time due to overuse of the jaw muscles in patients older than 20 can be beneficial.

The jaw is a very active muscle, and as with all muscles, it gets stronger the more we use it. This can give the jaw an almost square appearance in those in their 30s and 40s. These muscles can be quickly relaxed using Botox or Dysport to give the illusion of being smaller.

How Botox Works to Slim the Cheek

It’s actually quite easy. Both sides of the jaw receive injections of Botox or Dysport. A second treatment is given eight weeks later, and that’s it.

Naturally, since we use the jaw muscle frequently, it will ultimately grow back, but patients won’t need to maintain the Botox in the jaw as frequently as they might for wrinkles.

What’s best? It is economical. It produces big results without altering your appearance or requiring you to pay a high amount. It’s just a straightforward improvement to the things you already have.

Botox for Recovery and Cheek Slimming

There is no recuperation time, which is another fantastic feature. Patients find solace in the notion that the surgery is temporary despite the long-lasting benefits. There is no recovery time or bruising, unlike with surgery. It works similarly to Botox or Dysport for facial wrinkles and fine lines.

Removal of the Buccal Fat Pad for Cheek Slimming

Of course, if you want an even bigger increase, you may always go a step farther. I advise speaking with Dr. Khorasani about removing the buccal fat pad for this.

Both younger and older people can receive this treatment. Regardless of age, removing the buccal fat pad, a small pouch of fat within your check, is a simple, quick, and scar-free approach to add a lovely contour to the face and enhance the cheekbones.

How Does the Removal of Buccal Fat Pads Work?

It’s amazing how a simple technique can provide such significant changes in such a short amount of time. The tiny fat bag between your mandible and upper cheek bone is cut out of the cheek pad. A small incision in the mouth, some absorbable sutures, and local anesthetic are all that are needed. Additionally, this is a one-time surgery, which patients always value.

Buccal Fat Pad Healing Period

After removing the buccal fat pad, the only thing to be cautious of is your sutures. After the procedure and during the first week, watch what you consume. Limit your diet to soups and small-bites. Nevertheless, the highly vascularized treatment region heals extremely quickly. It is not even necessary to remove the sutures.

Conclusion of Cheek Slimming

The best thing about cheek slimming methods is that they do not significantly alter your appearance. These are the ideal procedures for you if you have an oval or heart-shaped face but a round or square jaw. Nothing about it is excessive in the correct hands, so you won’t have to worry about a stern or critical gaze. By emphasizing your cheekbones in this way, you let the rest of your face’s inherent beauty come through.


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