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10 Great Tips on How to Make Your BOTOX® Last Longer

As we age, we all get frown lines, crow’s feet, and other wrinkles in regions where muscles are regularly engaged, such as the forehead. BOTOX®, a neuromodulator, is an excellent technique to slow down and reverse these aging indications.

Once you begin getting precisely targeted injections of BOTOX®, a skin-smoothing neurotoxin, you will usually need to repeat these treatments every four to six months to preserve your results. Some people have wrinkle-free skin for up to six months, while others need to come in once every 12 months to keep their results.

So, what can you do to make BOTOX® last longer?

The first step is to choose the top plastic surgeons in Bergen County, and make an appointment. The award-winning board-certified Bergen County Botox will carefully assess your cosmetic objectives and build the ideal strategy for you to reverse those visible symptoms of aging with the use of BOTOX®.

After you’ve scheduled your appointment, stay reading for ideas on how to make your BOTOX® treatments last longer.

1. UVA and UVB Protection for Your Skin

The sun’s UVA and UVB rays and sunbeds are the most harmful environmental contaminants to which humans are exposed. UV radiation exposure produces cellular inflammation, which damages the skin, increases blood circulation, and causes blood vessels to widen, decreasing the duration of your BOTOX® treatment.

To keep your results longer, use a high-quality, broad-spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen daily on your face, neck, and hands, and avoid going outside during peak UV hours.

If you must go out in the sun, don a hat with a broad brim. This will not only preserve your skin, but it will also assist your BOTOX® stay longer.

2. Workout in Moderation

Exercising often will not influence your BOTOX® effects; however, exercising shortly after treatment may. While you do not have to stop working out to benefit from the anti-aging advantages of BOTOX®, you should take a day off to allow the injections to settle.

While living a healthy lifestyle is crucial, it’s important to remember that if you restart your fitness program forcefully, you may need to return for treatment sooner than individuals who exercise more moderately. Activities that increase your metabolic rate may help your body break down BOTOX® quicker, and although you don’t have to give up your hard-core workouts entirely, finding a suitable medium is crucial.

3. Use Collagen-Boosting and Antioxidant Skin-Care Ingredients

Incorporate collagen-boosting products, such as retinol or peptides, into your skin-care routine to help relax the muscles underneath your skin. Furthermore, since free radical damage might harm your skin and the BOTOX® you’ve gotten, apply an antioxidant serum daily to safeguard it.

Topical antioxidants containing vitamin C protect the skin from harmful free radicals, mainly from UV radiation and pollutants. When combined with a broad-spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen, these antioxidants provide your skin with more effective protection than SPF alone.

4. Avoid Cheap OTC Skin Products

Many low-cost, over-the-counter (OTC) skincare solutions include substances that may harm your skin and possibly your general health. Common compounds that are known to irritate skin or trigger allergic responses include:

  • Fragrances
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) are added to enhance foaming and make the product easier to distribute.
  • Formaldehyde is sometimes used as an antimicrobial Propylene glycol, which is supposed to hydrate, moisturize, and condition the skin.

5. Slather on the Moisturizer

The effects of BOTOX® will remain longer if you moisturize your skin in the morning and at night. By incorporating these easy actions into your everyday routine, you can ensure the areas treated with BOTOX® stay plump and wrinkle-free.

Hydration is crucial but especially critical for keeping your BOTOX® injection results. Hyaluronic acid, in particular, helps decrease inflammation in your skin by slowing the rate at which your body breaks down proteins, enabling BOTOX® to remain longer.

6. Eat Well and Stay Hydrated

While drinking water throughout the day will not prevent wrinkles, research suggests that increasing your water consumption can improve general skin health and suppleness. Keeping hydrated following BOTOX® treatments is critical since dehydration may hasten the reappearance of small wrinkles.

A balanced diet is also an excellent guideline to extend the duration between BOTOX® treatments. Limiting processed and packaged meals, as well as sweets, can help your skin’s overall health. Good fats enhance moisture and are an essential component of good skin.

Remember that drastic weight reduction, mainly if it affects the face, might shorten the life and efficacy of BOTOX® injections. If you’re attempting to reduce weight, speak to one of our cosmetic surgeons about your alternatives.

7. Zinc Supplements

According to some research, taking a zinc supplement daily may help extend the anti-aging benefits of your BOTOX® treatment. Consult a specialist to determine the appropriate dose for your specific condition.

8. Don’t Smoke

While you know that smoking harms your lungs, did you realize it also hurts your skin? Nicotine constricts blood vessels, allowing less moisture to reach the skin. Furthermore, smoking might cause you to squint your eyes, contributing to wrinkles over time.

Smoking also causes wrinkles and fine lines around the lips, known as smokers’ lines. If you smoke, you’re still doing something that contributes to some of your wrinkles, and it may increase the need for extra BOTOX® injections between sessions.

9. Watch Your Stress Levels

Stress may cause breakouts and skin damage and melt your BOTOX® away faster. It may spread throughout your face, causing scowling and frowning and placing strain on the muscles you’re attempting to relax with BOTOX® injections.

Getting enough sleep is also critical since this is the most straightforward approach to generating undisturbed time for your body to heal. Your skin relaxes when you do.

Remember to follow the post-treatment recommendations from your last BOTOX® session as you prepare for your next appointment. The more closely you follow the instructions, the more likely your surgery will be effective.

10. Look Into Cosmetic Surgery

Unfortunately, neuromodulators do not operate indefinitely. If BOTOX® or other comparable treatments are losing efficacy, it may be time to investigate more permanent treatment alternatives. We provide eyelid surgery, facelift surgery, forehead lift surgery, neck lift surgery, rhinoplasty surgery, and other facial plastic operations. We remain current on the finest procedures for each surgery and endeavor to get the best and most natural-looking outcomes with each process.

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